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     How do I apply my Nails?

    Applying Your Nails with Glue


    Clean natural nails of any polish or residue with nail polish remover.
    Trim and file your free edge.
    Then file the surface of your nails, and blow or brush off the white specs that will be left behind.


    Apply a dot glue to the pinky of your dominant hand, and then position and press the artificial nail on to your nail bed. Hold and apply moderate pressure for 30 seconds. Do the same with your ring finger and repeat these steps until all 10 nails have been applied. (video tutorial coming soon)

    To remove the fake nails, simply soak your nails in warm water for about 10 minutes. You can peel off the nails from two areas- the cuticle and the top part. Make sure you check for loose bonding before removing any nails. Once you have found a loose connection, start from that area and continue remove the nails by soaking in warm water. Use tweezers to help enlarge the loose bonding (if necessary).

    Note: If you have filed your nails before applying glue, it will be hard to remove the fake nails in the first week. Nail bonding usually becomes loose when your nails start to grow, and generally after a week.

    Applying Your Nails with Tabs


    Clean natural nails of any polish or residue with nail polish remover. Gently buff nail surface. Trim and file your free edge.


    Match the Nail Tabs to best fit the size of your nails.
    Align round part of tab to cuticle area and press down to adhere tacky side to natural nail. Rub the surface of tab to ensure firm adhesion between natural nail and tab.
    Apply tabs to remaining nails before applying artificial nails.
    Carefully remove liner from top of nail tab and press artificial nail onto natural nail with moderate pressure. Proceed with remaining nails. Avoid placing hands in water/liquids for 1 hour to allow adhesive to set.


    Remove artificial nail by gently lifting the free edge. Remove excess adhesive by soaking in water and rubbing with a manicure stick.

    How do I care for my jewelry?

    - Keep your jewelry away from perfume and cosmetics to avoid discoloration.
    - Do not wear your jewelry when working with household cleaners or chemicals.
    - Avoid dropping your jewelry or knocking it on a hard surface.
    - To clean your jewelry, wipe it with a piece of soft fabric.

    Do you take International orders?


    When will I receive my product?

    All items are made by order (unless stated otherwise) and will be mailed within 3-7 business days of the order being processed. The shipping usually takes 3-5 days. If you have not received your item(s) within 12 business days contact me. (International orders may take longer.)

    What is your return policy?

    All sales are final, you are welcome to exchange your items within 5 days of receiving your package for domestic and international orders. Please note that custom orders are final sale and may not be exchanged. Exchanged items must have not been worn, altered OR damaged. Please send an email to for further instructions.

    *Shipping, handling and customs charges are non-refundable.

    Do you take custom design orders?

    Yes, Please contact me for more information.

    Extra side note:

    Dominique Reneé nails are reusable. Usually you may use the nails at least 2 times when you take good care of them. Always check your nails after any type of physical labor, and after engaging in any other type of activity that may result in loose bonding.

    A bottle of nail glue is included with every purchase. If you would like to wear your nails for a short period of time (1-2days) you may want to purchase nail tabs, and opt to only use the glue if you would like to wear them for 5 days or more.
    The use of nails tabs makes the nail sets last longer, and easier to reuse. In some cases using glue may prevent the nails from being reused.